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Strategic Plan

Planning for the future


The 2019-2022 Peel Volunteer Resource Centre (PVRC) Strategic Plan was developed following a workshop in May 2019 involving Board members and staff.

 The 2019 – 2022 plan was developed to set the strategic direction of the organisation for the next three years focusing on four key areas

Key Area 1 – Governance
Key Area 2 – Sustainability
Key Area 3 – Operational
Key Area 4 – Marketing / Public Relations

Our Mission

  • Build, promote and strengthen the value of volunteering in our community
  • To be recognised as a leader in volunteering

Our Vision

  • To Provide sustainable volunteer services to meet the changing needs of the community
  • To maintain excellence by providing personalised connections between volunteers and organisations
  • To be recognised as a vibrant and visible hub for volunteering that values contribution, inclusiveness and respect.


  • Community – Support and strengthen the community through volunteering
  • Commitment – Dedicated to support volunteering in the Peel Region
  • Respect – Respectful and considerate in all we do
  • Inspire – Engage and inspire our community

Key Area 1 – Governance
The Board of Management will provide accountable and efficient management of the organisation and all its resources.

Our priorities are:

  • Compliance
  • Risk Management
  • Diversity
  • Succession Planning for Board & Management



Key Area 2 – Sustainability

PVRC to be sustained through funding diversity relevant to key partnerships and community engagement

 Our priorities are:

  • Diversity of Funding to be maximised
  • Valuing out staff and volunteers
  • Develop and nurture new key partnerships and maintain existing partnerships with all stakeholders



    Key Area 3- Operational

    PVRC delivers quality Best Practice in Volunteer and Workforce Management.

     Our priorities are:

    • Maintain Best Practice in Volunteer Management aligned with National Volunteering Standards
    • Build skills, knowledge and capacity in Volunteerism



      Key Area 4- Marketing /Public Relations

      Through inclusive engagement PVRC builds awareness of its role and services to the community.

       Our priorities are:

      • Effective & consistent communication
      • Strengthen the identity and profile of PVRC with the community
      • Ensure inclusive and accessible services that take into account the diverse nature of the Peel community.