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youth program

Support for young people aged 15-24 to get started with volunteering as a pathway to job readiness.


Help get ready for work by volunteering


Training and support provided by the Peel Volunteer Resource Centre to get started


For young people aged betwen 15 and 24


A wide range of role are available to meet your goals

youth volunteering

Are you a young person who would like to volunteer in the Mandurah-Peel community.  Please get in touch!


Volunteering WA has been funded through Department of Communities to deliver a three-year program of work to facilitate, enable and support youth (aged 15 -24) volunteering as a pathway to job-readiness.

The face to face youth and volunteer involving organisation (VIO) engagement in that funding were limited to areas where Volunteering WA currently operates Volunteering WA then sought and received additional funding for this program from Lotterywest to leverage the foundational elements of the “Youth Volunteering as a Pathway to Job Readiness” program.

This initiative now extends the elements of
face-to-face training and VIO engagement to the Peel and South West Regions in Western Australia.

This initiative will develop and deliver face-to-face training materials and on line tools and training tailored to meet the needs of this demographic.

This project will have a focus on working to identify and support local Volunteer Involving Organisations (VIOs) which will be key to the placement of youth volunteers and ensure that young people ready to volunteer have access to opportunities to apply their skills.

This area requires support as many VIOs have stood down volunteers and had operations impacted by challenges arising from COVID-19.

    The Peel Volunteer Resource Centre’s role is:

    • Identification of local VIOs who will participate in the project, with commitments to take on youth volunteers
    • Development of youth volunteer roles and induction packages, working with local VIOs
    • Complete delivery of face – to face training for volunteers and VIOs
    • Complete recruitment of youth volunteers
    • Deliver training to VRCs on e-platform changes, YVolunteer, face to face training
    • Review project progress to target continued roll out and uptake
    • Complete delivery of face – to face training for volunteers and VIOs
    • Complete recruitment of youth volunteers