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Socialability Program

What is the Socialability Program?

The  Socialability Program  we are commencing in July 2022 will have a focus on the Volunteer Involving Organisations (VIO’s) gaining the skills to have inclusive volunteer programs in their organisations.  We believe fear of the unknown is the biggest barrier to inclusion, so having a supported avenue for the organisations and the potential volunteers to upskill work through any concerns that may arise for both the participant and the VIO.

Another key principle of this project is to assist in dispelling myths and misconceptions around people who wear the label of disability and society’s historical tendency to focus on deficits.  Creating opportunities for the nurturing of reciprocal relationships and the sharing of gifts, talents and passions offers untold possibilities to re-frame and re-evaluate attitudes that recognise and acknowledge strengths and contributions.

Socialability will focus on concepts such as community participation and inclusion, relationships/friendships, valued roles and lifelong learning, however, it will explore more creative ways of providing opportunities for this to happen.  Socialability will offer all participants the opportunity to undertake volunteer roles and learn skills that would be transferrable to the workplace or other volunteer positions.

How will it work?

Organisations will be supported initially with an inclusion workshop and then ongoing support throughout the program by PVRC to refashion the role descriptions and allocation of duties.

Potential volunteers with a disability will sign up to the Socialability program with five to six participants per activity which will be run over an eight week block one day per week, dependent of the need and run four times per year with a different organisation each time to allow for the potential volunteers to see different roles and organisations.

What is our role?

PVRC will prepare and orientate the participants to volunteering, including their rights and responsibilities and obtain Police Clearance for each participant. Participants will volunteer at the same organisation for a six-week period which will allow for the participant to learn the volunteer role and the schedules, build relationships with the organisation and their volunteers.  Also, they will complete one week of orientation and one week of evaluation.

This timeframe will allow for the VIO to learn the capacity of the participants and let the role be remodelled if required.  A PVRC staff member will attend with the participants to build the skills, knowledge and confidence of the participants and to support the VIO with inclusive practices.  PVRC will work to build a rapport between the volunteers and the organisation and will give opportunity to build their capacity to work with volunteers with a disability or the perceived barriers to engaging with an organisation.


“Funded by the Australian
Government of Social
Services and Volunteering WA”

Dispelling myths and misconceptions around people who wear the label of disability and society’s historical tendency to focus on deficits.

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This project is an NDIS Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) initiative. For more ILC events and resources please visit the Department of Communities (Disability Services) at http://www.disability.wa.gov.au/wa-ndis/wa-ndis/information-linkages-and-capacity-building/resources/